T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 17 – Out Of Darkness, Light

Second, Third and Fourth Months of 1,266

Second month of 1,266

  • One morning, I woke up from a vague nightmare, my heart beating fast and I just knew something was wrong. I tried to cast my senses far and wide to figure it out, and even asked River to check with the other firelizards, but came up with nothing.
    • I contacted K’brin to get his help in figuring whatever it was.  It might have been nothing, but I couldn’t take that chance. We went to the Living Caverns and K’brin sensed a rider coming from between above the Star Stones. 
    • We both watched remotely and saw the brown dragon and rider were from Telgar. The watch rider woke Daena and introduced T’mon of brown Jaromith, D’fel’s Wingsecond on Aurora Wing
  • The call went out from Daena for an immediate meeting of Wingleaders, WIngseconds and bronze riders, which was unusual, because usually summons come from G’mar.
  • The sad news was announced that Junior Queen Ioneth died while egg heavy during her first clutching. 
    • It’s not the most common thing, but egg-binding can happen with first clutches. If it gets stuck too high up inside, the dragonhealers can’t get to the egg to drain it so that it can pass. The egg can break inside and cause septosemia and internal bleeding and the dragon is usually dead within a day of the problem.
  • Ioneth’s rider, Eldana, had already taken the Final Draught and the funeral was the following day. Those at the meeting would be attending. It was reported that the Weyrwoman and the bronze rider who won the mating flight, P’lar, were inconsolable.
  • T’grim asked that K’brin and I go to do what we could to help, and of course we agreed.
  • The next day when we arrived, white armbands were being handed out by a Fort rider as a show of solidarity and support, since those are Telgar’s colors.
  • There were many dragons in attendance, 15 golds all in one place. It was quite a sight to behold, as well as very psychically overwhelming.
  • I helped K’brin push out feelings of peace and the bittersweet loss of a beautiful thing.
  • Queen dragons took Ioneth’s body away and Telgar’s dragons beat their wings and wailed in grief until the Queens return from between.
  • I helped out a few people who need an ‘emotional assist’ with my Talents, like a poor drudge who didn’t understand why everyone was so sad. I spent some time with him and managed to convey to him why people were upset and helped him out at a time when everyone was too distracted to do so.
  • K’brin made sure to get T’grim a bottle of wood-grain alcohol from Telgar as a “commiseration gift”, because being from Telgar originally, he would probably benefit from some companionship later.

Third month of 1,266

  • After a few somber days, preparations for the Spring Games continued. L’nos, B’dir and I practiced until I was dreaming of it in my sleep. I was determined to show everyone how amazing Selenath is. Finally the day came for the seven teams participating from Ista to show what they were made of!
  • B’dir went up against S’del and lost, K’brin won against S’van and then I was up against S’lina. I took some chances and managed to come out the winner of the encounter.
  • My second attempt was against S’van. While going for a ball of rope Thread, I had an accident that by all rights should have proven fatal. If not for a child of nine Turns, I would be dead. Shards. It’s hard to even write about it. I pieced together what happened by talking with many people afterwards, because I was out for most of it.
    • As I was diving down to flame the ‘Thread’ I collided with Soralth, the dragon of one of the recently graduated weyrlings, A’dan. I was literally squashed into Soralth’s chest and Selenath went into an uncontrolled fall. I didn’t have enough time to recover from the spin before hitting the rim, so I remember thinking I would quickly go between to a favorite spot of mine that could have us landing in water, to cushion the fall
    • Apparently, I was severely concussed and sent Selenath a garbled image.  She tried her best to follow my directions but was lost in between.
    • K’brin told me that the dragons began keening and he thought for two minutes that I was dead. There was no other explanation for their reaction.
    • Suddenly, Shireya passed out and Selenath popped out from between, chilled to the bone, with me unconscious on her back.
    • Later, Selenath revealed that Shireya entered her mind and gave her a good visualization from Kevlen. Kevlen remembered what the bowl looked like from the Starstones plateau.
    • I woke up hours later, near to a sleeping Shireya, who was mentally exhausted and needed lots of sleep. K’brin told me what had happened and the debt I have to Shireya and Kevlen is immense. I cried while thanking K’brin over and over for their actions. I can’t possibly burden a nine-turn-old girl with all of my feelings of gratitude and how much I owe her, but I most certainly will thank her for helping me and Selenath. Privately, I am resolved to give back to that little girl in whatever way I can. She’s very important to the future of Pern.
  • I was told that I won’t be able to fly for one month or go between for three months because of the head injury. I have plenty of other things I can occupy myself with, but it’s still going to be hard. I’ll have to pamper Selenath while she’s recovering and make sure she doesn’t stay ground-bound for longer than she has to. 
  • Incidentally, S’van’s three-vee won and represented Ista at the All Weyr Spring Games.
  • Shireya was practically back to normal the next day, which was good news. I’m sure there was worry about how doing what she did would affect her. She did something I had thought was impossible. Had it been someone she didn’t know well, who knows what would have happened?

Fourth month of 1,266

  • Fort Weyr announced one day that Elowen of gold Ziareth would be their new Weyrwoman, as Jonara was stepping down due to her age. She was 71, while Ellowyn was just 31. They skipped over Laena of Chelbeth because, at 58, they would face having to replace another Weyrwoman in twenty or fewer Turns. This way, Fort will have a longer period of consistent leadership.
  • At the table for the Wing one day, some mentioned concerns about Shireya’s options being limited now that she’s essentially outed herself as being a Talent, and one of such power. The Weyr will have expectations and K’brin is a big believer of the ‘will of the Weyr’. 
    • I felt that I had to mention this to him. It’s important that both of his children have experiences beyond just the expectations the Weyr will have for them as children of K’brin and knowing Shireya is a talent. I wondered what, if any, Talent Kevlen might have. I suspected any child of K’brin’s was going to be a force to be reckoned with. If he and I had had time for children before
  • I caught K’brin on a quiet day and shared with him the concerns the Wing had for Shireya, that her options are much more limited, as she will most certainly be standing the sands and impress a Queen in a few Turns. Kevlen will almost just as certainly be standing on the same sands. I mentioned wanting to bring them to Keroon, or maybe Katz Field, to ride runners, explore, and basically have experiences that don’t relate to dragons and the Weyr. I admit to you, my journal, that I was scared to bring this up. K’brin was understandably protective of his children, fiercely so, but this was important. 
  • Honestly, it went far better than I had hoped. He was thankful that I brought up the issue and started to open up to fostering them elsewhere, likely starting with Ruatha. He was resigned to the nigh inevitable, but agreed that they need to spend the next few Turns seeing the world they will very likely be defending.
    • T’grim was also keen to go out and camp with the children.
    • K’brin brought up that Shireya was going to need a psychic ‘minder’ while she was out and about.
  • One morning in the Living Cavern, there were more than a few distracted people because Liviath was out sunning herself and looking more gold than usual. S’lina said  the rumor around the Weyr was that it could just be a “false glow”, where a Queen gets close to rising to mate, but doesn’t, because of her age.
  • Two days later, bronzes started blooding their kills. Liviath would be rising to mate!
  • She rose quickly and without much build up, going up into the sky and out of sight in a flash. Only two other bronzes competed against G’mar, who handily won the Flight. 
  • A few days later at dinner, Seliana asked for the Wing’s help in decorating the nursery and we came out to help with much enthusiasm. We painted the walls with various things, as skill allowed. I stuck to a few colorful plants and flowers. This child would have the most impressive nursery anyone at Ista has ever seen.
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